Monday, August 29, 2011

Woah man, Were have I been all your life.

Well look here, another post. Yeah I never post anymore. Like once but you know, things happen. Life happens. So what have I been doing? Schhool. High school yes, and oh do I love it. :B

First day of high school was pretty boring but you know, all they did was tell us all about the rules and junk. It's gotten better, and lunch is pretty sweet because I get to eat cup of noodles and as you all know, those are my life.

Woah man, that hurricane's pretty crazy. Yeah in New York and Virginia and South Carolina and other places. I was pretty informed over the weekend cuz it's about all we watched over in LA. But I don't know whats happening now or anything.

Oh hey, LA! That's were I was over the weekend and I had a lotta funnn. My phone's charater limit is wack and almost filled so I can't say much about it. I did however, get my name on a grain of rice. Yeah you jelly.

Until Next time. (in other words: when I'm not to lazy to post.)

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